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Pick Packers understands that each business is unique, and you require that extra 1% to ensure you can stand out from the crowd. Here at Pick Packers, we develop customised business solutions for every client to suit your sales and business needs. Pick Packers will custom design an online & trade solution that works for your company. Our systems provide you with capabilities like never before. We specialise in making your business unique by standing out from the crowd utilising our customised fulfilment methods in EDI, Ecommerce, B2B & B2C


To Elevate All Our Clients Above The Rest. We Carefully Choose Our Client Base To Ensure Compatibility In Every Area To Achieve The Highest Results In Every Area. Our Specialised Services and Skilled Workforce Can Take Your Business To New Exciting Levels.

Minimise your expenses with orders picked right the first time. Our skilled staff are trained to the highest standards to ensure that your online feedback remains exceptional by having your end customer expectations are both met and exceeded. The IT development solutions Pick Packers can provide are second to none

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We deliver fast, reliable, efficient and presentable services that have consistently increased the number of repeat customers purchasing from our clients. The level of service we provide allows Pick Packers customers to have better exposure in their respective industry making them trusted retailers for the online shoppers

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You can edit, amend, delete, cancel and adjust any order or order detail you like. Our systems allow clients to completely customise & automate shipping rules, order rules, carrier conditions, packing requirements and much more. We include address checking and back-end solutions to have your items delivered the first time, on time

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Pick Packers was built on the experience our Directors obtained while studying at tertiary levels and also working at some of the largest transport companies in the world. Our high-performance logistical understandings stem from prior employment at companies like FedEx and APL which has enabled Pick Packers to develop the most sophisticated fulfilment solutions available. Our ability to custom design any solution to every customer produces exceptional outcomes with the most competitive costs. By employing the 1:10:100 rule in every aspect of our company, clients can be sure they receive the best service with the best advice the first time, and every time