Over 12million+ parcels already processed to the highest standards world wide. Pick Packers is the only solution for a Premium Service

Our advanced systems can update the Online platform sale, add the tracking data, notify your customer, provide tracking updates, adjust your stock, close the order status and improve your online experience.

With a custom built, custom designed and custom integrated system, Pick Packers has a solution to suit every client individually; regardless of your size.

Online systems include address checking, cheapest carrier service, stock verification, custom order rules, secure dedicated online portal and so much more.  

Advanced systems that allow direct online ordering, complete system integration and automated data transfers for all our customers; regardless of what platform you are selling on.

As long as your platform is API compatible, we can make it work. Pick Packers clients experience sophisticated Online Solutions that can automate almost every aspect of the sales process in both B2B and B2C.

Stock Management
State-of-the-art warehousing facilities that allow clients to store, track and manage their stock in real time. 24/7 access to all reporting and systems via Smartphone’s, MAC’s and PC’s anywhere in the world that provides real-time updates to your cart
Distribution Facilities
Boasting large distribution facilities and online systems to control every stock detail with your Retailers and Online sales. Store your goods with confidence in highly secure facilities that keep your details and locations private. 
Ecommerce Portal
View your stock levels, check order history, control your stock management and integration specifications that allow high-end customisation to suit you. Our secure portal provides individual log-in details and various account security levels

Pick Packers Custom Solutions

Comprehensive Shipping Solutions

With a range of carriers, Pick Packers is able to offer the best freight services at the best price. Our shipping and network solutions are unique that provide an exceptional for both our clients and the end receiver

Advanced IT Solutions

We can integrate almost any system in the world into our Custom Designed WMS. Being leaders in integrations, software solutions and IT innovation, Pick Packers has been able to offer 100% customisable system solutions.

Fast, Cost-Effective Shipping

Pick Packers has employed the services of all major carriers to ensure all freight costs remain the best priced while maintaining the best service. Not all carriers perform equally and we are specialists in using each carrier to their strengths. This further enhances the next-level experience all our customers enjoy.

Huge Client Base & Experience

Pick Packers has been operating in the transport industry for over 25 years. Our knowledge, depth, understanding and education within the 3PL industry is unparalleled. Dealing with 100's of clients allows us to understand the level of service needed and the attention to detail demanded. No 3PL will understand your business like Pick Packers.

Expansion and Trade Partners

Pick Packers continues to grow in all areas of our diverse industry. 3PL, Storage, Distribution, Consultancy, Operations, Transport, Online Solutions and E-trade and only some areas we specialise in. Our highly educated Directors offer personalised services with insights in every aspect of your business.

Business & Operational Specialists

Pick Packers employs a team of Business and Operational Specialists. Our level of knowledge will only add value to your company while guiding you every step of the way in the complex world of Ecommerce. The logistical experience held by the Pick Packers team is ready to take your business to the next level.