About Us

Did you know Pick Packers network covers all Australia and New Zealand too? And in addition to warehousing and storage we can provide services including 3pl, kitting, bulk mail-outs, order processing, overseas brokerage and clearance services and freight forwarding Australia wide.  For more information, please contact us on 1300 PICK PACK or Contact Us through the online enquiry form.

We are a West Sydney based business and we work for our clients.  Don’t take our word for it, we have a list of clients references from companies large and small.

In any business situation, the unexpected happens and you have to be ready. So while the office is open 5 days a week here at Pick Packers, we’re always ready to solve any emergencies and respond to clients’ calls for assistance.

We offer such features as creating orders online from your PC or smartphone, calling up specific transaction history, detailed Item activity tracking, EDI, online shop integration, complete Ebay and Australia Post Eparcel integration, and much more.

If you are wondering why our address isn’t listed anywhere, it’s because we want to protect our location from anyone that is not a Pick Packers client.  Why should we advertise to everyone where your goods are stored?  Only our clients have access to our facility details.